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information needed on the artistic works of Nita Spilhaus: 

New Works: If you have any work by Nita not already illustrated on the site or in my book, please send a good JPEG image of the work to:

The fact that the book is complete, and published, and the exhibitions are well underway does not mean that my project ends. I am hoping both will attract the interest of painting owners, and that they will then get it contact to help me to build a comprehensive catalogue of Nita's Work. I am already in contact with over 80 painting owners, but there are a lot more artworks out there!

For new works, please add the usual empirical data:  Title; Date of Work (if known) ; Medium (e.g. Oil on canvas or board; gouache: etching; pastel/watercolour/charcoal on paper); Dimensions: Height x Width in cm.

I also need a good image of any artwork in order to add it to the catalogue. The image needs to be taken square on, avoiding distortion and reflection. So natural light, avoiding any direct glare, is best..